Bundenbach Fossil

Hunsruck Slate


Pleurodiscus discoidus_Bundenbach
Pleurodiscus discoidus_Bundenbach_zoom

Pleurodiscus discoidus
14x15.5 cm (matrix); 7 cm (fossil)
Bundenbach; Grube Obereschenbach


Conularia on Orbiculoidea, Chotecops rest
21x22 cm (matrix); 8 cm (fossil)
Bundenbach, Grube Eschenbach


Machaerocanthus hunsrueckianum
18x20 cm (matrix); 17 cm (fossil)
Mayen, Grube Katzenberg

Drepanaspis Gemuendenensis_Bundenbach
Drepanaspis Gemuendenensis_Bundenbach_zoom
Drepanaspis Gemuendenensis_Bundenbach
Drepanaspis Gemuendenensis_Bundenbach_zoom

Drepanaspis Gemuendenensis
17.5 x 15.5 cm
Bundenbach, Grube Eschenbach
plate structure explained with #4

Favosites, Orthoceras_Bundenbach
Favosites, Orthoceras_Bundenbach_zoom

Favosites, Orthoceras
22x27 cm (matrix); 20 cm (fossil)
Bundenbach, Grube Eschenbach

Zaphrentis primaera_Bundenbach
Zaphrentis primaera_Bundenbach_zoom

Zaphrentis primaera with stem
11x17 cm (matrix); 4.5 cm (fossil)
Bundenbach, Grube Eschenbach

Ivoites schinderwolfi_Bundenbach
Ivoites schinderwolfi_Bundenbach_zoom

Ivoites schinderwolfi
11x17 cm (matrix); 4 cm (fossil)
Bundenbach, Grube Schielenberg

Eomphalus n.sp._Bundenbach
Eomphalus n.sp._Bundenbach_zoom

Eomphalus n.sp. 
20x23 cm (matrix); 2.5 cm (fossil)
Bundenbach, Grube Eschenbach

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